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Enjoy access to more than 300 pre-recorded classes, from 5 minutes to 60 minutes in length taught by anatomy and movement science-informed teachers.
Primary practice categories include:
- Core Strength
- Hips Happy Hour (strength-based for hips)
- Mobility, Fascia and Function
- Mini-Strength Sessions with weights

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 About our anatomy informed yoga 

After years of blogging and vlogging about some of the missing components of modern postural yoga, we are now doing our part to fill in the gaps.  

 Ongoing changes in the yoga world have sped up recently. Economically, so many studios have closed. So many yoga teachers are out of work. So many routines, sadhanas (practices) are disrupted, as the communities that anchored us no longer have an anchor.  

We are here to support your sadhana -- affordably.  

A lot of good questioning is happening in the yoga space right now. Is asana safe? Is it culturally appropriating? Is stretching pointless? Should I even call what I teach yoga anymore? These questions can leave you adrift.  

We are here to ground you in evidence-based movement that begins and ends with centering and yoga philosophy and / or simple meditation.  So many of us are recovering from injury or work-from-home stiffness and aches or body blahs (no longer feeling like our old selves).  We invite you rebuild strength (or fortify your routine) with challenging but therapeutic moves in our classes, and to compliment our classes with walks outside or playing fetch with your dog (or however you love to move).  

We invite you into a practice consistent with modern movement science and complimentary to modern human life. We invite you to our challenging, but accessible, classes that we believe basically the whole world needs.   One fun thing about the membership: The full on demand class library - which only members can access - includes 300+ classes, each highlighting a specific muscle, movement or body area so you can search for exactly what you need.

Or re-take a class that made you feel oh-so-good.



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Tracy Bogard

Finally! A way to gain both strength and flexibility and a better understanding of yoga asanas

I have taken yoga on and off for years with mixed results. However, under these expert instructions, my physical well being expanded exponentially because I was finally able to understand WHY I was doing a certain movement and the PURPOSE. With Ariele and other instructors breaking down movements through thoughtful cueing I learned how to avoid forcing myself into something artificial and ultimately not good for me. Instead, by truly meeting my body where it is, by virtue of Ariele's gentle guidance, I was able to work on weak spots which helped me improve. Movements that under other instructors used to be "just doing yoga" changed into understanding the function of the exercise and how it will help me in "real life." The classes provide a lot of variety and are not just rote progressions. Ariele's ability to spontaneously take a question from students and seamlessly incorporate it into the routine - on the fly - is quite a talent! No matter what your level of activity, you will gain something from her instruction.

1 year ago
Rudy Marcela Mendez Reina

Holistic conection practice

Since I was a teenager, I have always looked for physical practices that improve my physical health and the way I feel about my body. I tried different practices: regular gym exercises, pilates, running, biking, and other yoga courses. Those types of exercises made me felt always frustrated because I never improved no matter how much effort or time invested in it. Until I found Ariele and her online academy. At this moment I discovered a new concept of physical and mental health. With these great online classes, I practice mobility and stability helping me in a holistic way. I recommend these yoga online courses because of Ariele's expertise and knowledge. Their methodology helps you to build up your strength by offering options for all levels of conditioning. I have recommended it to all my friends.

2 years ago