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Mobility, Fascia and Function

What is in this collection?

These functional movement-based (not quite yoga) classes emphasize natural movement and self massage to live a good life. All levels are welcome. (We recommend being able to get on and off the floor).

Main Props used:
- tennis ball or myofascial release ball (we recommend RAD Recovery rounds),
- a blanket for cushioning knees
- and/or yoga blocks or a sturdy throw pillow.  

Class starts with a mindful centering, and closes with a short savasana or meditation. Fascia release is approximately 5-25 minutes of the practice, with functional mobility taking up the remaining time.
Our movement science AND yoga-informed practices combine strength, functional movements, and mindfulness. These *challenging* On Demand classes serve as a diversified, yoga-based cross-training for whatever other movement or yoga asana practices you love. We aim to keep accessibility and real bodies at the forefront of our teachings.

Class List

Dr. Ariele Foster

Ariele is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who started teaching yoga in 2001 and hasn't stopped. 

In addition to her thriving clinical practice in Washington, DC (Wellilo Clinic), Ariele is the founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, and has written for and led online courses with Yoga Journal (she the was cover model for Yoga Journal Australia in 2018) and Vesselify. 

Ariele brings 25+ years of experience as a dedicated student of yoga (trained in Kripalu, YogaWorks, Anusara, Hatha, Therapeutics and more) and has been teaching yoga classes, privates, workshops and leading retreats since 2001.  For more information, see or  or her YouTube channel