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Whole Body + Flow Classes

Collection Summary

 This is a delightful collection of practices that -- for the most part -- were filmed prior to the creation of the Yoga Anatomy Academy Class Membership.

Over time, this collection will grow and expand and its name or flavor may change!

For now, it houses classes that sometimes do, sometimes don't have an anatomic focus.Typically these are gentle to moderate flow based classes, that, as per the Yoga Anatomy Academy philosophy, focus more on strengthening than stretching.

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P.S. Many of these classes also live on Dr. Ariele Foster's YouTube  channel, but you can enjoy them here ad-free and without interruption. 

Collection Includes

Ariele Foster, DPT

Ariele is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who started teaching yoga in 2001 and hasn't stopped. 

In addition to her thriving clinical practice, Ariele is the founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, and has written for and led online courses with Yoga Journal (she the was cover model for Yoga Journal Australia in 2018). 

Ariele brings 25+ years of experience as a dedicated student of yoga (trained in Kripalu, YogaWorks, Anusara, Hatha, Therapeutics and more) and 22 years of experience teaching classes, privates, workshops and leading retreats.  For more information, see or  or her YouTube channel