Yoga for 3D Hip Stability

Get Supple, Stable, and Strong Hips for Life; Understand the hip cues and concepts that yoga often gets wrong: 60% Lecture, 40% Practice

Course Summary

Yoga for 3D Hip Stability is an evidence-based, comprehensive hip health course to teach yoga practitioners how to avoid hip injury and how to increase hip stability on the mat. It is taught by a doctor of physical therapy who had first hand experience with a major hip injury.

This course is for those who:
- experience chronically tight hips,
- feel pinching or discomfort in their hips in certain positions,
- are concerned about clicking and popping sounds in their hips,
- know they could benefit from glutes and other hip strengthening
- wonder why their hips are flexible in some directions, but not others

For the cost of a few co-pays, get physiotherapy wisdom that specifically applies to your yoga practice. Watch the lectures at your own pace, as many times as you need, and return to the practices again and again to build safe hip strength.

This course was taught live for Yoga Journal in October and November of 2021, and is now being offered on demand exclusively through Yoga Anatomy Academy.

This course contains 4 Modules, 6 hours of video (including 4 half hour asana practices), 5 PDF downloads, 3 self quizzes and certificate of completion for continuing education.


Yoga Teacher

As an older yoga practitioner and teacher to older students, I cannot recommend this course enough. If your goal is to move independently for as long as possible, and to have a solid understanding of hip-safe, evidence-based, mindful yoga, Yoga for 3D Hip Stability is it!"

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Wendy Orrison

Dr. Foster's knowledge and delivery are fantastic

I really appreciate Dr. Foster's explanation of anatomy. She speaks with clear, concise language that is approachable for the Non-MD yet is not belittling either. Her personal stories and experience are interwoven into the presentation; making for an enjoyable, approachable, and engaging course. The printable materials are very useful and each practice module is perfectly paired up with each lecture. As a long-time group fitness instructor (1997) I was so pleased to have the reinforcement that strengthening is so important as we seek flexibility and mobility in our hips. Dr. Foster will tie all of this together: whether a practitioner, a yoga teacher, or a group fitness professional you will gain insight and knowledge. I now teach yoga to an older population and hips are often a source of pain, tightness, and immobility. I was pleased to walk away with many useful tips and poses as well as some studies and explanations to back up what I present in class.

2 years ago
Christina Dietz


I am so grateful I found this course! Every single one of Dr. Ariele Foster content I was happy to enjoy so far is amazing and full of deep knowledge. But this one especially was a game changer, because I was one of those hypermobile yogis who has fallen into the trap of always wanting to stretch more into hip openers, because something felt tense there. Strengthening that area changed everything. Thank you so much, I can't say that often enough.

2 years ago
Kate Meacham

Hip Pain? More Stretching is Not the Answer

I was fortunate enough to attend Yoga for 3d Hip Stability live (via Zoom) in late 2020. I revisited it recently in the wake of a new, bothersome hip pain. Dr. Foster is a practicing physical therapist and a long time yoga teacher. This course is jam-packed with valuable information and insights from both disciplines. Be sure to check out the Bonus Material at the end of each Module for several more hours of content. It is a fantastic resource for yoga instructors who are wondering how and why to introduce strength building into their classes or for anyone who hopes to head off or alleviate hip pain.

2 years ago
Robin Ludt

Priceless information

Physical therapy with Dr. Ariele Foster got me moving again after a hip injury from at-home exercise classes at the start of the pandemic, so I didn’t hesitate to take this course. Her explanations, exercises, resources, and overall knowledge have improved my understanding of this vital part of our body. How I exercise, work, and even move has evolved for the better and my hip issue is a distant memory. Do yourself a favor and invest in this course; your body will thank you.

2 years ago
Cathrine nelson

Hip Longevity

"As an older yoga practitioner and teacher to older students, I cannot recommend this course enough. If your goal is to move independently for as long as possible, and to have a solid understanding of hip-safe, evidence-based, mindful yoga, Yoga for 3D Hip Stability is it!"

2 years ago
Jean Morra

All About Hip Health

Dr. Ariele Foster’s 3D Hip Stability course promotes stability and strength in the hip joint for long-term hip health, Hip arthritis and joint replacements are more and more common - this course addresses an unmet need to counter those trends. Included are foundational hip anatomy, signs of hip instability, tightness vs. tone, impingement, and what to do to increase hip stability. The included asana practices target strengthening of the hip to experience less tension and tightness. This accessible and easy to follow course is well worth the time and investment to protect your and your students’ physical health! Thanks, Dr. Foster!

2 years ago
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Dr. Ariele Foster

Ariele is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who started teaching yoga in 2001 and hasn't stopped. 

In addition to her thriving clinical practice in Washington, DC (Wellilo Clinic), Ariele is the founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, and has written for and led online courses with Yoga Journal (she the was cover model for Yoga Journal Australia in 2018) and Vesselify. 

Ariele brings 25+ years of experience as a dedicated student of yoga (trained in Kripalu, YogaWorks, Anusara, Hatha, Therapeutics and more) and has been teaching yoga classes, privates, workshops and leading retreats since 2001.  For more information, see or  or her YouTube channel

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