This mentorship opens at select times of the year.
Enrollment is currently closed, but please add your info to the waiting list or email with more urgent inquiries. 

Does your mind boggle with yoga pose cues that contradict each other?
Or that sort of make sense...sort of don't?

You are not alone.

Since most yoga asana teachers do not have a movement science and anatomy background, many of the cues and asana instructions in yoga-land don't hold up to scrutiny.  
Whether you love a particular style of yoga or are a sort of yoga "mutt" (gathering the best from different approaches), you probably also want to know the most no-nonsense approach to yoga poses, movement and your body.

If so, this program is for you.

If you want to understand at a deep level what movement experts know about the body -- and how it applies to yoga poses:

You are in the right place.

Yoga anatomy and alignment cannot be learned in regularly scheduled weekly yoga classes or by teachers who have just a few hundred hours of training themselves.

Yoga Anatomy Academy's Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship is a physio-led, comprehensive program to strip away the nonsense, so that you can finally understand what is going on in yoga asana.

 "By far this has been the best yoga-related training I have ever participated in." 

Sara Taylor Moore
Yoga and Pilates Teacher

Are you tired of feeling like...


"Anatomy is too complicated"

Our job is to un-complicate it, and to make it relevant and interesting to you. 


That you (or your students) are on the brink (or past the brink) of injury...

You will learn practical ways to keep your body (or students' bodies) healthy and safe in yoga and beyond. And workshop how to overcome injury.


Confused about the best way to practice asana?

Understandable. There are a LOT of mixed messages about asana out there. We simplify the science of movement so you can practice what you want. 


That you "should" understand yoga anatomy better by now...

The fastest way to master a subject, or simply to become competent, is to learn from an expert. Most yoga teachers are NOT anatomy experts .

It's not just you.

The vast majority of yoga teacher trainings do not dedicate the time (nor do they have the expertise) to cover in depth anatomy study. After all, it's a LOT more than which muscles go where. (Our approach is multi-disciplinary, incorporating physiology, movement science, neurobiology and more).

More often than not, these trainings pass on anatomy cues that they simply heard other yoga teachers say, often without examining if the statement is true.

Yoga practitioners everywhere inherit this lack of discernment (viveka) on the mat.

The good news: Yoga may be esoteric.
But the body is not

Let's solve this together.

When you join our Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship, you get:

🦴 12 core modules in an online course, with
🦴 Ongoing live group mentoring, and
🦴 Ongoing access to a community of lifelong learners

Whether you are brand new to yoga and movement anatomy or an established teacher/yoga student with some anatomy background, this program helps you to integrate current movement science into your yoga practice or teaching, coherently and in real time, with real support.

This is the program to establish yourself as a thought leader in the evolution of the yoga space. 


12 Module Online Course

Once a week, you get access to a new module. Each module contains approximately 2 hours of educational material. Study on your own time, at your own pace. Watch and re-watch as many times as you need.


Community Support 24/7

Mentees have access to online community forums both within the course website and (optional) in the mentees-only Facebook group. Ask questions as they pop up 24/7, (during or beyond the 12 weeks of the course) and typically receive answers within a day. Peruse other anatomy topics, shared articles, questions and content from our curious community in the past.  


Live Coaching Calls / Office Hours

Once a month or more frequently, we gather online to go deeper or to review material, to support each other with the relevant questions of that moment and to integrate the knowledge into our yoga and movement practices. Think of this time as valuable time to pick the brain of a physical therapist. Questions from the community forums may be answered or elaborated on here. All calls are recorded and uploaded to our private mentee area.

When does the program start?

Sign up runs through TBD. Your first module is released immediately upon sign up.
Orientation / First Live Office Hours takes place typically within a week of closing enrollment. 

"I wanted to let you know how fantastic I have found the Yoga Anatomy Academy mentorship and your instruction to be!   😊I am so appreciative to see an experienced teacher that is persistent in the face of all the pressure to conform to bendy/face-paced yoga.  And I have learned so much 💜!!” 

Megan D.

Yoga Teacher + Athlete

How This Mentorship Works

Course details:
Lessons are released in weekly "Modules".

Each module contains multiple short, digestible videos (typically about 2 hours of video in each + a self-quiz), light reading, and more.

Questions about a lesson or other anatomy/yoga thing? Ask anything, any time, 24/7, in our community area.

All of the training and the community is online, inside a private, mentee-only site, where you can ask your questions with two clicks.

Live Office Hours:
Offer another opportunity to explore your anatomy curiosity, pick the brain of a physical therapist and to be in community with engaged yogis.

Can I take this program on my mobile device?:
 Yes, there is an app for easy access on your phone (a healthy smart phone distraction?)!

After completing your last module, your final quiz unlocks your certificate of completion (which is not dependent on live participation).
Learn at your own pace, at your own time, or participate as each module is released. You will have forever access to the content. 


Keeping Anatomy Simple, but Smart:
Each of the 12 modules focuses on a getting to know a body system (like fascia), a body part (like the spine or knee), or another fundamental puzzle piece of understanding anatomy (for example, we start with the vocabulary of anatomy).

Once the foundational points are covered, each module applies the knowledge to yoga asana, movement and health.

Some modules, or live sessions, will offer an asana practice. Some will prompt you to create sequences or label poses with your new knowledge. Along the way, you can take (ungraded) quizzes to confirm your understanding of the material.

Squeaky wheels get the grease! Mentees have the opportunity to shape parts of the curriculum and live office hours to any related subject they desire.  

Why Study With Us?

Here at Yoga Anatomy Academy, we have an old-fashioned philosophy that amazing teachers are first curious students. 

We believe in the extraordinary art of mentorship. We believe that by helping to “re-fill the cup” of 1 yoga teacher (or teacher-to-be), we can positively impact thousands of students. 

We take an interdisciplinary, evidence-based approach to teaching yoga anatomy and welcome open-minded practitioners of all styles of yoga.
Live support.

Is this mentorship right for me?

If you want no-nonsense, evidence-backed yoga anatomy, self-paced and with live support, we don't think you can get better than this.

(Have you read the reviews and testimonials? Scroll down...)

Whether you are a student of yoga, a yoga teacher, an anatomy newbie, or a certified “anatomy nerd”, this program will expand your nuanced understanding of the human body.

We make complex material relevant and digestible. We want to keep you healthy, practicing yoga asana for decades to come.

When you join, you'll be alongside:
🦴 Fellow yoga students
🦴 Yoga teachers and yoga therapists
🦴 Personal trainers and other movement specialists 

 "By far this has been the best yoga-related training I have ever participated in. Thank you from my heart, Dr. Ariele Foster, for your online mentorship at Yoga Anatomy Academy!” update: "Since I took your training, I did a couple of more certifications. NASM’s CPT and just finished Club Pilates 500 Comprehensive Pilates Certification, which I am really proud of. Recently started teaching for Club Pilates in Odessa, FL. Your training lit the flame 🔥! Thank you, again.

Sara Taylor Moore
Yoga and Pilates Teacher - Florida, USA

 "I cannot begin to tell you how much your teaching means to me. To summarize it a little, I am re-framing the way I practice and the way I understand yoga. I confess that I am asana chaser and it used to be so important to get to the asanas that "advance" yogis and yoginis will post in social media...Until your teachings. I am eternally grateful for your dedication, passion, and for your gorgeous presence. I look forward to learning further and deeper!

Maria O'Brian
Yoga enthusiast / student - Spain

 "As a novice yoga teacher I knew it was my responsibility to learn more about the body to keep my students and myself safe. This mentorship filled a big gap in my anatomy knowledge and even gave me the confidence to lead basic anatomy trainings for new teacher trainees. This mentorship is well worth the investment.

Kasia Galicia
Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer - Chicago / Washington DC, USA
Ariele meeting mentees at Floyd Yoga Jam

About your mentor:
Dr. Ariele Foster

Ariele is a Physical Therapist (DPT), Yoga Teacher, Founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, seen here on the right hand side "in the wild" with some mentees.

Ariele started teaching yoga in 2001, then suffered a major yoga related injury a few years later, which started her journey to becoming a physical therapist.

In addition to a passionate career in physical therapy, Ariele has continuously studied and taught multi-disciplinary yoga (vinyasa, Kripalu, Anusara, Yogaworks) -- in gyms, community spaces, studios; at festivals, and online; led retreats on three continents and workshops around the country; taught anatomy for multiple teacher trainings and started Yoga Anatomy Academy and its online programs in 2015.  

She was recruited by Yoga Journal to teach two online courses for their platform, and graced the cover of Yoga Journal Australia in 2018. She is uniquely qualified to teach, coach, and mentor fellow yoga teachers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! The mentorship provides 30 non-contact hour CEUs for those registered with Yoga Alliance and/or the International Association of Yoga Therapy. A certificate of completion is provided after completion of the final quiz. 

Yoga teachers AND dedicated yoga students are all welcomed in this program. Every attempt is made for languaging to be inclusive, regardless of whether you are a yoga student, teacher trainee, or yoga teacher.   

Days and times vary to accommodate time zones of current participants. Frequency is at least monthly (we found that spreading live times out over a year was helpful for increasing participation). Typically live sessions are scheduled in the afternoon or evenings on a Tuesday or Thursday Eastern time zone or Sunday evenings 8pm Eastern Time. We aim to schedule in an inclusive way so that those from around the globe can join at least one live Office Hours every few months.

Not a problem. All Office Hours are recorded and uploaded within hours. Live participation is highly recommended (nothing beats live engagement) but is not mandatory for completion of this mentorship.

Also please know that the listed dates and times of our live sessions are subject to change. They may be modified based on the schedules of participants. Plus, all mentees can join Live Office Hours at any time into the future (they've been going on since 2015) -- even years later.

What's more, you will still get to shape the Live Office Hours regardless of whether you can attend (by asking questions or suggesting topics) and respond to the live office hours (in our discussion area) and see the recordings of the live sessions usually within an hour or two of them ending.

Lastly, the On Demand learning portion is primarily what will earn your continuing education credit and is independent of your live participation.
In summary, the sooner you join this mentorship, the more opportunities you will have to learn, watch recordings, and join in on Office Hours. 

Not a problem at all! You have lifetime access to the course materials and to the community forums. For as long as Yoga Anatomy Academy hosts this program (the plan is to host it for many years to come!), you will have access to updated slides, recordings, manuals, etc, without ever paying a penny more. Complete at your own pace. 

Yes! It's true. Once you are in this mentorship, you can re-visit lessons, ask (or answer) questions in the community, or join future live office hours whenever they take place.

Yes, we offer a 3 part payment plan (see the pricing section on this page) and up to 75% off scholarships for BIPOC, and other under-represented groups in the yoga space and to those with financial need. Spaces are limited, Apply now with this link. Scholarship application deadline is 5 days prior to the start of the program.
Scholarships, if awarded are NOT applicable to future sessions. 

1. YACEP, or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®, is only a marketing designation that yoga teachers who are registered with Yoga Alliance pay extra to have their programs listed on the YA site. As a designator it essentially duplicates (but waters down) Yoga Alliance's E-RYT 500 designation, which already allows for leading all levels of yoga teacher trainings and continuing education programs. Ariele's qualification for providing CEs is her doctorate of physical therapy degree (DPT), maintaining her license as a physical therapist, 20+ years of yoga teaching experience, and completion of multiple yoga teacher trainings placing her above E-RYT 500 status. (See details on LinkedIn). YACEP status is simply a form of paid advertising.

2. When you complete this program, you can enter your training hours in Yoga Alliance's portal manually (this would be necessary for any online program). You will also receive a certificate of completion with all relevant details, making it submissible for continuing education through Yoga Alliance or IAYT.

We provide a 100% Money-back guarantee for 14 days after the official start date of our program for any reason.
However, you must have met the following requirements: 1) completed all of the available module segments, 2) completed all worksheets and quizzes in those modules, and 3) honestly complete a survey about what would have kept you in the program.
We do not recommend signing up if you are not prepared to do the work or are planning to request a refund.

Please email any additional questions to

What Our Mentees are Saying:

"Thanks for challenging me to be inquisitive and curious about the way we teach yoga!"

Alisha Lineswala
Restorative Yoga Teacher, 
former yoga studio owner, avid student

"Ariele knows her stuff inside and out and has put her heart and soul into this program.. Ariele is extremely supportive. Having live calls and a this kind of access to such a highly qualified and certified professional is unheard of."

Carri Uranga
Yoga Teacher Trainer - Drishti Yoga

 "I attended Mark Stephens' 300 hour teacher training and the Yoga Anatomy Academy was a perfect primer for his anatomy focused instruction. I felt super prepared, and got much more out of it because I had so much background with you. Thanks again for that wonderful source of learning!”

Ellie Clark
Yoga Teacher - Karuna Yoga DC

Live Office Hours Schedule 2022-2023

  • 2023 / 2024 Dates TBD schedule will be live within the course portal for current mentees

Please note: dates and times are subject to change. Some evening office hours will likely start at 8pm ET to accommodate students in Asia, and some will be daytime late morning ET to accommodate students in Europe. 

Mentorship Pricing



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Ashleigh Rivers

Thoughtful & Well-Informed Content

As someone who has some background in anatomy and physiology, I found this mentorship to be chockfull of relevant information. A lot of it was review for me, but there's still an enormous amount of material that in evidence-based, has a new &/or updated perspective from my previous trainings and education. I love the nitty gritty details, but they are also accessible to people without the background and education. Dr. Ariele Foster uses technical language, but always makes sure to also use lay-terminology also. I am a big-time question-asking person and I so appreciate the time and thought that Dr. Foster puts into her responses and her patience with my (and everyone's) questions and musings. I highly recommend this mentorship. It was well worth the time and the money and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do study more in-depth biomechanics and anatomy for yoga. This has been invaluable.

2 years ago
Chelsea Daniel


I am halfway through the modules of the anatomy mentorship and my yoga teaching practice AND my home practice have transformed for the better. I have found not only a more confident voice, but I know that what I am teaching and how I am teaching (and sequencing!) is from an anatomical lens. Dr. Ariele Foster does a great job of weaving in Eastern yoga philosophy with the more western anatomy - and shows that they are complementary. Dr. Ariele Foster is humble, patient, and you can tell she is in her element when in the pre-recorded lectures as well as in the zoom meet ups. She enjoys talking about, sharing, and teaching anatomy and how it applies to our yoga practices so that all may find their way to a sense of steadiness and ease on the mat and in life. I am so grateful that I found this mentorship and that I can revisit these modules anytime I need to. To me, this anatomy mentorship is priceless.

2 years ago
Kimberly Hart-Elkins

Beyond worth.

Diving deeper into anatomy with Dr. Ariele helped me find a clearer teaching voice and built my confidence in unexpected ways as a yoga instructor and as a practitioner. I highly recommend the YAA Mentorship.

2 years ago


Mentorship with Dr. Fosters is giving me so much insight into my practice.

2 years ago
Chelsea Hall

Amazing program

I'm incredibly grateful for the YAA mentorship program. It's an absolute wealth of applicable, evidence-based information about yoga anatomy, as well as on a wide range of yoga-related topics. Incorporating even just some of my new knowledge in my practice and teaching has helped immensely with my own lower back and hip pain and my students love it. Additionally, the live and recorded office hours have been invaluable. The world of yoga can be very tricky to navigate at times, and being able to learn from and ask questions of a seasoned teacher and physical therapist like Dr. Ariele has been crucial for my growth as a teacher.

2 years ago
Amanda Chou

Beyond worth!

The content in this mentorship has highly influenced my teaching. I started the mentorship with Dr. Foster with really only a fuzzy understanding of basic anatomy and biomechanics. At the end of completing the modules and revisiting them several times, I had a better grasp to the point where I felt comfortable teaching some of the content. What really makes this mentorship a true gem, though, is the fact that you have access to the content for life. As I grew as a yoga teacher, I found myself looking at the different topics with a different lens and able to incorporate different ideas or lessons into my own teaching. Having office hours to ask Dr. Foster when new questions and concepts come up in my practice or in my teaching is also a priceless bonus!

3 years ago