Principles of Anatomic Sequencing WORKSHOP

Thursday, 09 November 2023
12:00 PM EST

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Workshop Highlights

Create Effective, Authentic Sequences

Learn to create effective and authentic (to you or your yoga background), yoga classes, home practices and workshops.

Get the most out of your time in practice or class

Treating each moment of practice like a precious drop of nectar is easy once you have a solid sequencing strategy.

Joint-happy Refined tastes

Pair Poses Like Good Wine with Cheese. Become an asana sommelier.

Replay available to all who register

We will share the replay link to workshop registrants to enjoy for 2 weeks afterwards.

Live Workshop


CEUs for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists

There are a million lovely ways to sequence yoga asana, from working through the chakras and subtle body to vigorous well-rounded physical practices and everything in between.

Anatomic sequencing is specific, powerful and essential for unlocking complex poses and hand or arm balances or just working with bodies that require warm up (hello, humans over age 30!).

But anatomic sequencing is not commonly taught or understood by yoga teachers. Therefore many yogis struggle class after class, year after year, never putting the pieces together to understand why their bodies protest certain poses or to explore poses just beyond reach.

This workshop will remove the mystery surrounding intelligent, anatomy-based sequencing.

It will imbue greater value to your home practice, set apart your teaching, and magnetize students back for more.

A well-sequenced yoga class or workshop is easy to recognize: you walk away lighter, enlivened and expanded. You might embody a pose that you previously thought was impossible, or realize later that you were suspended in a flow state throughout.

How do you replicate such extraordinary experiences with your own students or home practice?

This workshop will last for 2 hours, and offers 2 Contact hour CEUs to registered yoga teachers. It is taught by Dr. Ariele Foster, yoga teacher and physical therapist (As a companion to this workshop, we recommend reading the Yoga Anatomy Academy blog post: “ Three Elements of Intelligent Sequencing ”).

The replay will be sent out to anyone who is registered and will be available for 2 weeks afterward.

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