SOLEstice: a Foot Strengthening Workshop

Winter solstice is the darkest day of the year, but we can brighten it up with good company, puns, and FOOT STRENGTHENING!

SOLE-stice is a one hour experience to awaken your feet from their (pre?)winter slumber.
You will:
- Learn the best, most creative and physio-approved foot exercises on the planet
- Get specific shoe wear recommendations for the happiest version of your beautiful feet

You will practice:
- Bunion correctives (techniques that have the potential to reverse bunions and bunionettes!)
- Arch uplifters (fallen or fatigued arches, much?)
- Foot intrinsics strengtheners - the muscles within the foot are called foot intrinsics
- Achilles lengtheners (not just stretching)
- Ankle empowerers
- Plantar fasciitis slayers
...and more!

These moves may embolden you to go barefoot more often or consider the steps you need to transition to minimalist or barefoot shoes.

Conscious shoe wear is a key to maintaining healthy feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

No yoga experience is required, but this workshop will ENHANCE your yoga practice for years to come.

RECORDING: Class recording will be available for 2 weeks afterward.

Select Date & Time


  • THU
    21 DEC
  • 06:00 PM

21 December 2023 Thursday, 06:00 PM EST


Here is a list of items to have ready for the workshop


A chair to sit in or to prop up your foot on

Rubber Bands - Various

A few different size rubber bands

Flat Resistance band (like a Theraband)

A flat resistance band (stretchy leggings will do in a pinch). 3 feet long or longer, ideally

Ball for Myofascial Release

A tennis ball or a RAD Roller Recovery Round or Neuro ball

Small towel for scrunching

A washcloth, hand towel, or other scrunchable fabric you don't mind putting on the floor.

A warm cup of tea

or seasonally appropriate drink of choice!